Complex models?
Calibrate, Predict,
Explain, Audit.

Audit and assure complex models. Remove uncertainty and explain models using real-world and simulation data.

Assure and audit complex models.


AQ Live is a unique software suite developed from research at the Turing Institute.


Provides world-class validation and explanation of models.


Used to support some of the most sophisticated assets and processes in the world.

Who is AQ for

AQ Live is ideal for aerospace, aviation, shipping, wind turbines, power stations, oil refineries…or any industries that operate mission critical assets or processes.

Get more from AQ LiveWhat AQ Live does

Audit models

Even those built on other platforms


Comprehensive risk assessment of the asset or process (not just the model).

Find 'drift'

Understand why your model is ‘drifting’ from expected performance.


Quantify the cost and risks of consequences and scenarios.

Find opportunities

Identify opportunities for enhancing the design, manufacturing or operation.


Reduce the overall model maintenance cost, time and scope for human error.

Bring a new dimension to your modelsHow AQ Live works?

AQ Lives enables assurance of all classes of model, including LR, FEA and CFD and AI models. It can work statically, or on a continual basis, inviting ‘human-in-the-loop’ and recommending designs-of-experiments for fresh data capture where and when the model requires it.
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